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An Italian history
As everyone knows, gelato was invented in Italy. It was, however, the famous Italian architect Bernardo Buontalenti who invented the real and first gelato in the 16th century after some first trials had already been made in the ancient Rome.
He only chose carefully selected raw materials: milk, cream and eggs as he wanted to impress the Spanish ambassadors, who at the time were expected in Florence. Italians have always loved good food. That is why they continued to produce this new and tasty invention of Buontalenti in the years to come.
When they started emigrating to Germany and to the USA in the 18th century, they also took with them the art of making gelato. German and American people immediately liked this very tasting Italian speciality; it was simply irresistible.
However it is the Italian North region of Venetia from where the first gelati arrived to Germany in the 19th and 20th centuries. The German nation was immediately convinced by the sweet and irresistible flavour of gelato. It was not only an Italian emigration anymore; it was the beginning of a new and tasty tradition.

buonissimo semplicissimo

Pure and fine
The founder of buonissimo, Roberto Vaccaro, chose Germany as his new home when he was only 15 years old. Already at this very young age he started to work in a well-known ice cream parlor. While working there he started to learn step by step all the secrets on how to make the perfect gelato. He also began to elaborate first gelato receipts and work methods by combining the Italian expertise and German quality of life. Resulting in the sweetest of all taste experiences.
After several years and experiences in other ice cream parlors, Roberto gained at the age of 19, the trust of his last employer, who made him CEO of an established ice cream parlor.
Just five years later he decided to become totally independent, so that he opened his first own ice cream parlor in Bayreuth. This event paved the way for the creation of the buonissimo brand, enabling him to develop little by little his own ideas. He wanted to offer a high-quality buonissimo gelato to his customers soon enough.
Finally, the brand buonissimo was put onto to the market in 2011. Pure and fine like our ingredients, Italian like our tradition, enthusiastic like our appetite for more.

buonissimo bravissimo

buonissimo loves your smile!
We love your smile as soon as you enter our ice cream parlor and you have decided to let yourself get spoilt by our friendly and attentive team, who is ready to let you feel relaxed as if you were on vacation under the sun of Italy.
We love your spontaneous smile when you try our gelato and then reveal to us that – with every spoonful – it was simply delicious/ to die for.
By constantly creating new and tasty gelato recipes we try to think of new ways on how to make you smile while tasting our newly created gelato specialities.
To make everyone smile, we are constantly searching for new solutions to respect our planet, e.g., by always improving the eco friendliness of our packaging; Keep following us and learn more about our daily work that strives to make sure you gift us a smile, because we always try to be buonissimo, bravissimo.

Besser buonissimo

What we offer…
We offer you a very tasty, traditional Italian and home-made gelato as well as, monthly newly elaborated, and creative ice cream flavors, which you have never tasted before.
To be able to guarantee you an extraordinary taste of experience, we use only high-quality and selected raw materials for our gelato production. You can also enjoy our gelato in a very nice atmosphere.
Come by and visit one of our buonissimo ice cream parlors and try our specialities. Meet our teams who are part of a big buonissimo family. Our local managers have a long way behind them to being able to offer you high-quality gelato at present.
Another reason to give buonissimo gelato a try? Our always new ice cream flavours which are elaborated very carefully and with love. This for guaranteeing you the sweetest of all taste experiences, because we always want to be better, buonissimo.