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Vertretungsberechtigter Geschäftsführer:
Roberto Vaccaro
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Fürth
Registernummer: HRB 19564
Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer: DE271712029

Inhaltlicher Verantwortlicher gem. § 18 MStV:

Herrn Roberto Vaccaro, Hauptstraße 27, 90562 Heroldsberg

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Die verwendete Inhalte für unsere Social-Media Kanäle wie Audio und Designs stammen aus CanvaPro Version.

Auflistung von verwendeten Audios von Canva und CanvaPro:


If I Could Fly


Just One More Day

Hope Will Prevail

Driving Determination

Ukulele Song

Views From the Other Side

Happy Pill

Keep Me in Your Sight

Free as Can Be

The Softer Side


Kite Lines

When Heart Align

When All is Over

Breakfast on the Balcony


Swag Rider


To Be Wilder

Fear Being Unfelt

Advertising, Ambient, Bright

Easy Wheeze

I Can Taste Your Words

The Winner

Heaven till Dawn

Sunday Smile

Life is for Dreaming

Paradise (I’m Taking You)

Advertising Happy, Dreamy

Morning Snowflake

Slide Over

Happy Happy

Better Late Than Never Baby

Hello Dear Santa


Jingle Bells

Down Home

The Mirror

Time on My Hands

Rescue Your Mind

Talk About Angels

Ukulele Song Happy

Domenica Buonanotte

Tutto bene

Calmly Successful

A Poco a Poco


Viva Italia

Scusami Bella

Italian Wedding Dance

Ciao Ciao

She Be Rockin`

Ready for Love

Is This Love Waiting Game

Everlasting Ego

It’s Coming Around Again



Epic Station

I’m Giving in To You

Calabsas Cruise Control


Your Gain

A Day to Remember

Mellow Soul

Not Us

Sending You My Love

Feel So Lucky

Are We Still in Love

Sweat On Me

Pretty People


Take You

Beach Disco

Happy Whistling Ukulele

Lovely Piano Song

Wisdom in the Sun


Nostalgic Piano

Video Game Blockbuster

HYWASAY (Hey, You Wanted A Song About You)